History of Pansol and Formation of Hotsprings



Pansol is one of the barangays in Calamba City, province of Laguna, in the southern part of Luzon. Pansol has been known from time immemorial. Many tourists have visited it since the time of the Spaniards and even during the time of the Americans. Pansol is very famous for its natural hot springs!

The name Pansol is derived from an early contraption or device made of bamboo limbs or any pipe inserted into a cliff or hillside to channel water from a spring. Due to the many natural hot springs in this area of Calamba, it is customary to call it Pansol. Since 1600s, natural hot spring waters have been utilized for balneological uses in Calamba and Los Banos, Laguna.


A hot spring is a natural steam sauna where the earth’s energy geothermally heats groundwater. However, not all hot springs are created equal; they range in size and temperature from mild to scorching. While there is no widely recognized definition, World Atlas suggests that hot springs are defined by water that is warmer than its surroundings, warmer than human body temperature, warmer than the ambient ground temperature, or warmer than 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot spring water is also too hot to cook an egg in certain areas. Hot springs are also thought to have health benefits such as help with pain relief, blood circulation, blood pressure reduction, skin health, and even calorie burning.

Hot springs may occur in a variety of circumstances, the most frequent of which is when rainfall or groundwater is heated by magma beneath the Earth’s crust. Water can travel further into the Earth’s mantle through cracks or fissures in the surface, where it comes into touch with heated rocks, which heat the water. Every 1,000 feet of depth raises the temperature of the groundwater by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from that, the hot water gets more viscous and rises to the Earth’s surface through fractures and fissures.

Another method is for rainfall to be heated underneath by the radioactive decay of an element existing in the rock when it reaches the surface. It can flow slowly or fast based on the amount of subsurface pressure. The volume of subterranean water and the quantity of underground pressure determine the flow rate of hot springs.

TRIVIA! Do you know that there are roughly 40-50 hotspots on the planet? These are the spots where rising magma gets near enough to the Earth’s surface to generate a lot of heat. It’s worth noting that not all hotspots result in volcanic explosions.


According to National Geographic, a hot spot is a region on Earth where lava is hotter than surrounding magma, such as above a mantle plume or beneath Earth’s rocky outer layer, termed the crust. The mantle plume is a region under the crust, the earth’s rocky outer layer, where magma is hotter than the surrounding magma. The heat causes melting and weakening of the rocky crust from exceptionally hot magma. The boiling magma creates heat, which softens the rocky crust and causes extensive volcanic activity on the surface of the Earth above the plumes.

Magma warms groundwater before it reaches the surface in some regions, resulting in a pool of heated water known as a hot spring. The temperature of hot springs is generally approximately 55–57 °F (13–14 °C). A spring may even overflow with hot mud, resulting in a boiling mud pot.


Laguna is the ideal hot spring destination for foreign or local tourists seeking a hot and steamy soak. Laguna has created several water resorts, particularly hot spring resorts and spas. Geothermal activity is responsible for the occurrence of hot springs in Laguna.


There are numerous and considerable amount of health advantages of hot spring water. It is high in minerals, which can help us enhance our physical and mental health. Pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with health difficulties are all advised to take care of.

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Author: Mr. J Paguio