Akia Resort

Fun and Memorable Swimming Escape with Akia Resort

Want to escape the everyday hustle, work, and studies? Let me help you with that by introducing you to Akia Resort, a fun and great resort perfect for swimming for every occasion you can think of.

To give you a perspective of what Akia private resort offers, it is best known for being the perfect venue for Big celebrations. It has simple, beautiful, bright interiors, its blue paint stands out, making it pleasing to the eyes and very relaxing and is very spacious and wide.

You can celebrate your birthdays, reunions, and get together, and it is also perfect for team buildings for your workmates. It is very budget-friendly and also, safe for it has a 24/7 security guard that will look upon any dangers that might occur. Sounds great right? because it is. Reconnect with your friends and families the great way, with Akia Resort.

The parking area is very wide and spacious. It can store up to five cars. Very convenient, and hence, making sure any guests you please to bring will definitely be invited.

The pools of Akia Resort are two, it has an adult pool with slide, and a kiddie pool with slide as well. They are very enjoyable and distinct, to ensure the safety of both childrens and adults because we all want enjoyment right? and looking upon our children in an adult pool can be messy, and sometimes very scary as well. Warm water is available for the elderlies since it is best for them and they also find them to be enjoyable and relaxing, it soothes their stress away as well.

Swimming has a lot of benefits. First and foremost, it manages our stress levels which is crucial for our mental health since we are drowning with the pandemic and either our work, business or our studies. We sometimes forget to look upon our mental and physical health. But the good thing is that swimming is a great stress reliever, it boosts our endorphins and it is a great physical activity.

For other fun activities to exist in La Kia Resort, we also have billiards and videoke. Perfect pairing activity from both guys and girls. Shooting pool and Singing on the top of our lungs seem to be a perfect combination.

They have tables and chairs for relaxation, after swimming chitchats and just great for eating out since it is big.

The kitchen is very clean and sanitized, with refrigerators ready to store your foods and drinks and keep them fresh and cold. You have a stove as well to cook, and a grill for those tasteful and mouth-watering inihaws.

Moreover, the rooms are all air-conditioned, very cozy, safe, comfortable, and spacious. They are neat and clean and can hold a lot of people. There are four rooms. The first one has two bunk beds suitable for four people. The second one is big, for it has four bunk beds, suitable for eight people. The third one is almost identical to the second one except it has one single bed, with four bunk beds as well. The last one has a queen-sized bed, perfect for those who want privacy and want their room all by his or herself, it is suitable for couples as well.

Escape the everyday hustle and go book yourselves a much-needed swimming! I hope you give yourself a break that you deserve and go swim with us here in Akia resort. We hope to see you here and give you a great experience and leave you smiling with great memories. Give us a call already, and breathe enjoyment, exhale work pressure, academic pressure, and business pressure.