A Budget-Friendly Resort Getaway near Manila

Experience this resort’s tranquil ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of the metro and unknot unforgettable moments with your family without driving too far from the city!  Your dream of living in a mansion is now within your reach in this resort in Pansol.

The Pool on the Hill Resort is situated in the downtown expanse of Calamba City, Laguna. Upon arrival, the majestic and massive gate and mansion-like facade welcome you to the serene place which will house you and your family for the rest of your vacation. The place is anything but intimidating as it offers an accommodating atmosphere that you can treat the space as if it were your own.


The resort is expansive enough (350 m2 of lot area) to accommodate as many as twenty people in its four fully air-conditioned bedrooms, pools, entertainment area, activity/dining /kitchen area, and a parking space for at most two vehicles. Each bedroom boasts luxurious yet homely ambiance, complete with the common lounge area where your family can enjoy each one’s company. Not only that, guests have access to two swimming pools for adults and little kids. So, if you are looking for a private resort for rent for your family getaway, the Pool on the Hill Resort is the perfect choice for you!

Exclusive Amenities to Make Your Stay More Worthwhile

The Pool on the Hill Resort offers numerous exclusive facilities other than the pools that you can take advantage of to keep you and your group occupied.

Hot Spring

         Do you want to take a dip at night, but the water is too cold for your liking? This place has a hot spring for the use of both adults and kids, so you need not to worry about catching cold after your supposed relaxing rest. I hear it is also beneficial for your blood pressure. Talk about a truly relaxing vacation.

Entertainment Area

         Aside from the already relaxing atmosphere that the place offers, a junior billiard is also available for use at the common area for when you want a break from taking a dip or cooking. It is completely furnished with a sala set where you can converse with your family and a television set for entertainment. Also, WiFi connection is free! This resort really does scream RELAXING.

Activity/Dining/Kitchen Area

         Last but not the least, overlooking the pool area is the activity/dining/kitchen area where you can share delicious meals from the foods you will bring. You may also use the refrigerator, barbeque grill, and gas stove to prepare the meals for your group. If you feel like making your stay more fun, you may conduct family games here. The videoke is also available 24/7 for when you want to see who would earn the highest score in singing among your group or just enjoy the simple pleasure of being with your family.